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Room numbers are indicated in the green boxes at the top of the chart above: W indicates Windsor Building (WA auditorium; WS0-2 – WS0-5 ground floor rooms; WS1-2 – WS1-4 upper floor rooms);  MBMA indicates Management Building auditorium.

Additional events include:

  • Queen’s Building Q136: 4109-4409 Workshop on Participatory Video Training
  • Queen’s Building Q170: 4110-4410 Workshop on Participatory Design

Details of Session Numbers, Titles and Coordinators

4101 Development Theory “Teach-In”
Organiser: Katie Willis (Centre for Developing Areas Research, Royal Holloway, University of London)

4102 e-Agriculture perspectives: enhancing the impact of ICT in rural development
Organisers: FAO and members of the e-Agriculture Community

4103 Open Educational Resources
Organiser: UNESCO UK, Andreia Santos (Open University, UK), Ian Grant (Encyclopedia Britannica), Bjoern Hassler (University of Cambridge)

4104 Engendering ICT policies
Organiser: Sonia Jorge (Pyramid Research)

4105 Grey Zones: ICT4D, Participation and Research Ethics
Organisers: Jo Tacchi (Queensland University of Technology), Nimmi Rangaswamy (Microsoft Research Labs India), Revi Sterling (University of Colorado)

4106 Qual meets Quant: Bridging the gap between technical and social researchers to foster international development through mobile phones
Organisers: Vanessa Frias-Martinez (Teléfonica Research); Kentaro Toyama and Jenna Burrell (both University of California, Berkeley), Nathan Eagle (SantaFe Institute)

4107 Mapping out a research agenda for mHealth
Organisers: Patricia Mechael (Columbia University), Alison Bloch (mHealth Alliance), Garrett Mehl (WHO)

4108 Open Development
Organiser: Laurent Elder (IDRC-CRDI)

4109-4109 Hands-On Workshop: Participatory Video
Organisers: Jay Mistry, Katherine Brickell, Vandana Desai (Royal Holloway, University of London; Soledad Muniz (Insightshare)

4110-4410 Participatory design of mobile learning activities: a workshop for academics from developing regions
Organisers: Niall Winters and Yishay Mor (both London Knowledge Lab)

4201 Technology “Teach-In”
Organisers: Revi Sterling, Heather Underwood (both University of Colorado)

4202 e-Agriculture perspectives – see 4102

4203 Free and Open Source approaches to assistive technologies in ICT4D
Organiser: Ugo Vallauri (Royal Holloway, University of London/Computer Aid International)

4204 Applying gender analysis to ICT4D projects
Organiser: Nancy Hafkin (WIGSAT/ Knowledge Working/ United Nations)

4205 ICT for Microentrepreneurs
Organiser: Charity Gichuki (Kenyatta University)

4206 Qual meets Quant – see 4206

4207 Mapping out a research agenda for mHealth – see 4107

4208 The World Bank’s ICT Strategy
Organiser: Anat Lewin (World Bank)

4301 Publishing ICT4D Research
Organiser: G. Harindranath (Royal Holloway, University of London)

4302 Open Space for newly emerging themes at the conference
Organiser: Alan Jackson (Aptivate)

4303 Opening Access – What gets in the way? Towards a holistic approach to unlocking the power of scholarly knowledge and information in developing and emerging countries
Organiser: Tag McEntegart (International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications, UK)

4304 The power of intent and the touch of the unexpected: exploring a new paradigm for ICT research and planning for development
Organisers: Ineke Buskens (Research for the Future), Mark Thompson (Cambridge University)

4305 Mirror of conference in online space

4306 Randomised Control Trials: Innovations for Poverty Reduction
Organiser: Dean Karlan (Yale University)

4307 mHealthy Messaging: a workshop on using mobile phones to support health promotion and behaviour change
Organisers: Jonathan Donner (Microsoft Research India) Patricia Mechael (Columbia University)

4308 Mobile Applications for Transformation Across Sectors
Organiser: Christine Zhenwei Qiang (World Bank)

4401 South => North: A fishbowl on the transferability of ICTs in income-poor countries to income-rich countries (debating applicability, methods, policies)
Organisers: Chris Coward and Karen Fisher, Technology & Social Change Group (TASCHA), University of Washington Information School

4402 Conference Reflections and Conclusions: ICTD 10 Years Beyond the Millennium
Co-Facilitators: Ann Light (Sheffield Hallam University), Robin Mansell (London School of Economics)

4403 Information as a global public good: enabling access to knowledge through open licenses
Organiser: Ted Hanss (University of Michigan Medical School)

4405 Mirror of conference in online space

4406 Possibilities and disruptions: how do ICT4D researchers use ICTs in their work?
Organiser: Pamela McLean (Dadamac Knowledge Brokers)

4407 mHealthy Messaging – see 4307

4501 Closing Panel: Donor Voices

4601 Close of Conference