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The following Demos have been accepted for ICTD2010 (listed in alphabetical order of family name of lead author).  Demos will be held on the 14th and 15th December 2010 in the Windsor Building.

It is the responsibility of all demo presenters to provide the Chair of the Demo Selection Panel with details of any special requirements by 30th November at the latest, and all presenters are responsible for the setting up of their demos. Unless otherwise requested, all that will be provided is a table and chairs.

Nutrient Management Decision Support System for Livelihood Security of Farmers – Vijay Aditya et al.

World wide telecom web: creation and navigation of voice sites – Sheetal Agarwal et al.

Open Data Kit: Tools to Build Information Services for Developing Regions – Yaw Anokwa et al.

Information and services through mobile phones – Megan Beck et al.

Audio Content Management for the Talking Book Project and Other Rural Audio Knowledge Systems – Michael Busch et al.

Accessible and Customisable Tools to Motivate Braille Literacy – Freddie Dias et al.

Bottom Billion Architecture: An Extensible Software Architecture for ICT Access in the Rural Developing World – Joerg Doerflinger

Using the OpenMRS Electronic Medical Record System for HIV and MDR-TB Sare in Rwanda – Hamish Fraser

Metamouse: Improving Multi-user Sharing of Existing Educational Applications – Kurtis Heimerl et al.

Urdu to Devnagri Transliteration System – Gurpreet Singh Lehal

Cohere: Annotating, Connecting, Exploring and Filtering Open Resources – De Liddo

Mobile Supply Chain Web Services – Ryan McWhorter et al.

Methodology and Tools for Community Based Development of Knowledge Objects – Zbigniew Mikolajuk

Epothecary: Cost-effective Drug Pedigree Tracking and Authentication Using Mobile Phones – Michael Paik and Jay Chen

A General Modular Networked Biometric Terminal – Michael Paik et al.

An Inexpensive Novel Technology for Mobile Healthcare in Developing Regions: a programmable microfluidic system dock for basic mobile phones – Samujjal Purkayastha

The Village Telco – S. Song et al.

SPRING: Speech and Pronunciation Improvement through Games, for Hispanic children, Anuj Tewari, UC Berkeley; Nitesh Goyal, RWTH; Matthew Chan; Tina Yau, Berkeley; John Canny, UC Berkeley; Ulrik Schroeder, RWTH.

Interactive DVDs as a Platform for Education – Bill Thies

Demos Committee
David J. Grimshaw (Chair) (DFID and Practical Action)
Niall Winters (London Knowledge Lab)
John Traxler (Learning Lab)
Basheerhamad Shadrach (, Delhi, India)