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Registration has now closed

Due to unprecedented demand, with more than 500 people now having registered to attend ICTD2010, we had to close registration eight days early on 22nd November rather than 30th November as originally planned.  People wanting to register between 22nd and 30th November were put on a waiting list, and as others canceled their registrations we were able to offer many of these people late registration places. Continue reading and find out why learning at technology conferences can be productive for every single attendee.

However, no further registration is now possible, and we are not able to respond to any new inquiries about possible late registration. Please accept our apologies if you write to us wanting to register after 30th November and do not, therefore, receive a reply.

We would also be very grateful if anyone who has registered but cannot now attend could please contact us so that their place can be made available to someone remaining on our waiting list.

Only registered participants will be permitted to attend conference sessions.

Visa Arrangements

All those attending the conference from overseas should check the visa requirements well in advance.  For those requiring visas, we strongly recommend that this process is begun by mid-October 2010 at the latest.  The UK Border Agency provides a step-by-step guide to applying for a visa.

The best way to ensure satisfactory compliance with UK regulations is to apply as a business visitor.  This is the category for those “attending meetings, including interviews that have been arranged before coming to the United Kingdom, or conferences“.  To apply as a business visitor, participants need to complete a VAF1C Business visa application form.

Invitation letters will only be sent to those who have registered and paid.  Those requiring such a letter of support must indicate this on their registration forms, where they should also provide details of their passport number and nationality. These letters will only be sent to individuals, and will not be sent to anyone who has not registered for the conference.  Unsolicited requests for invitation letters will not be answered.

In response to some of the key questions on the form, it might be helpful for participants to note the following:

  • Who invited you to the UK? – UNESCO Chair in ICT4D
  • What is the name of the Business or organization you will visit in the UK? – Royal Holloway, University of London
  • What does the business or organization do in the UK? – University
  • Business or organisation address including postal code in the UK – Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham, Surrey, TW20 0EX
  • Business or organisation landline telephone number in the UK
  • Business or organisation email address in the UK
  • Where will I stay in the UK (address etc)? – for those staying on the campus the address is Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham, Surrey, TW20 0EX

With respect to the conference registration process, if payment is made and a visa is not granted, we offered a full refund up to 23rd September.  We will also seek to review all registrations after this date in cases where visas are not granted, until the deadline for registrations.  Nevertheless, we strongly urge all participants to apply for visas as soon as possible.