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We are pleased to welcome you (hereinafter referred to as “you” or “user”) as a client, applicant, reader, editor, author or partner of the site Unipage (“site”). This means that every person after registration on our site may modify or add information, university programs, courses, etc. On the basis of correct and confirmed information.

Terms of Use

Please note that you are legally responsible for all published material (hereinafter referred to as “content”) that you post or edit on the site, as well as the reuse of the content of the site in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction Relevant country of incorporation and other applicable laws (which may include the laws of the country in which you reside or where you are viewing or modifying the content of the site). This means that it is important to be cautious when publishing materials. In this regard, we have some rules that you may not publish, most of which are either for your own protection or for the protection of other users, just like you. Please keep in mind that we place the material of the site for general informational purposes.
Links to the site also imply its derivative options, including (but not limited to) mobile websites and applications. The terms of use-as defined below-apply to our services, directly or indirectly provided to you in various ways, including online filing, customer support inquiries, and so on. By visiting, browsing, filling in the registration form for authorization or filling in the content and using the site and (or) making a request for training through the site, you hereby acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms of use. Our various policies and regulations posted on our site, including (but not limited to)-Privacy policy, cancellation policies, application process, etc. (collectively referred to as “Regulations”) are also subject to reading and are an integral part of these terms and are included in them as links. The terms and conditions set out below and the standards are collectively referred to as “terms of use”. If you do not agree to the terms of use, discontinue use of the site immediately. The terms of use, which may be amended and supplemented from time to time, constitute the subject of a legally binding contract and supersede all other written and verbal agreements and arrangements between you and the company Unipage with respect to the relevant issues, unless otherwise agreed separately.

Scope of our services-information on the site

Through the site, Unipage provides an online platform through which you can view educational institutions such as universities, colleges, schools, etc. (collectively, “Universities”), as well as the programs offered by them for current students or entrants (hereinafter “applicants”), to register on the site, to edit information on the site within the limits specified in this agreement, as well as Apply for studies in one or more universities.

The information provided by you or our suppliers or performers, in particular by universities, their representatives, distributors, partners or other users of the resource, is based on the provision of our services.

We provide you, universities or their representatives with access to editing the content of the site: programs, courses, information about universities.
As soon as the university registers its official representative, it has the right to close access to editing programs. Further monitoring of the content will be conducted by a representative of the university. In this case, the university will be fully responsible for updating information about programs, courses, prices, availability, description, placement of images, requirements and other information that is displayed on the site. Therefore, each university is responsible for the accuracy, completeness and correctness of the information posted on the site. Unforeseen changes or circumstances leading to the fact that the information provided on the site will prove inaccurate or outdated may occur at any time. In case of problems, our customer service will make all commercially reasonable efforts to provide assistance and assist in communicating with the university.
Although we make commercially reasonable efforts to ensure the quality of the services provided, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness or accuracy of all information, nor are we responsible for the non-delivery of information for any Errors (including explicit and typographical), any delays (arising from (temporary and/or partial) breakage, repair, improvement or support of our site).
Our site is not and should not be considered as a recommendation or certificate in favor of the quality of knowledge, level of teaching or rating of any proposed educational institution. We hereby waive any kind of guarantee, warranty or obligation regarding the quality, status and competence of any educational institution specified on the site.
The company Unipage retains the authorship of all analyses and ratings posted on the site. Despite the fact that the ratings compiled by Unipage specialists are based on specific data, they are completely subjective and do not pretend to be ofitsialnost. Consequently, the conclusions made on the basis of these analyses should be considered as subjective. Additionally, the site administration welcomes and considers any objective criticism of the methodology of compiling ratings and suggestions for their improvement.

Refusal to process applications

We reserve the right not to accept applications (or, in exceptional cases, to cancel confirmed applications) in our or any other (legal) discretion without explanation of the reasons for refusal.
Typical reasons for refusal to process the application, among others, may be: The university’s request, violation of the rules of use, legislative restrictions, (suspicion of) fraud or theft, suspicion of criminal activity, Doubtful applications, providing the client with false or false information, problems with credit cards, improper behavior, threats, insults, refusal to provide information, practical obstacles, problems with information exchange, Obvious errors (see below), negative history, blacklist of States or international organizations (USA, EU, un), etc.
We also reserve the right, on a permanent or temporary basis, to make users of the site a “black list”. A user who is blacklisted does not have the right to use the site under a different name or through any other user.

In rare cases, we may reject or cancel the submitted application because of “obvious mistakes”, regardless of their origin. For the avoidance of doubt, the obvious error is a mistake on the site (for example, in specifying the price, duration of training) that a reasonable person will not be able to consider as credible. Cancellation or rejection of the application for this reason is at the discretion of the company Unipage.

Use of the site

Unipage provides you with a limited, personal, non-transferable, non-sublicense, revocable license to access and use the site within the framework expressly provided in the terms of use. Except for this limited license, we do not grant you any other rights or licenses in relation to the site; Any rights or licenses other than those expressly specified herein are protected. The content and information contained on the site, as well as the software and infrastructure used to present such content and information, are the private property of Unipage or its suppliers and performers, including Universities.

You may use the site only for bona fide and lawful inquiries, application for training, and use of other services provided on the site.
You guarantee the correctness of the payment details provided by you for the provision of consulting services. You also warrant the correctness and accuracy of the email address, postal and/or other contact information provided by Unipage and confirm that Unipage may use this information to contact you in the event This will prove necessary.
In accordance with the terms of use of the site, you agree:

  • Not to carry out any speculative, false or fraudulent actions with the applications for training;
  • Not to use the site or its content for any unauthorized commercial purpose;
  • Not to access, monitor or copy any content or information from the site, using a robot, software agents such as spider and scraper or any other automated method or any manual process for any purpose without a single-digit Prior written permission;
  • Not to violate any HTTP headers to block robots on the site and not to circumvent any other measures used to prevent or restrict access to the site;
  • Not to perform any actions that create, or may create, in our opinion, an excessive or disproportionate burden on our infrastructure;
  • Not to create external references to any part of the site (in particular the purchased links) for any purpose without our clear prior written permission;
  • Not resell, use, copy or monitor, display, download or reproduce any content or information, software, products or services available on the site, for any commercial or Competitive goal, or action;
  • Not to place or otherwise insert any part of the site in any other Web site without our prior written permission, in part or in whole;
  • Not to publish any illegal (according to any or all applicable laws or regulations) messages on our site or through it, as well as messages that advertise unauthorized activities;
  • Not to provide links to any messages containing material that may be considered to be malicious, obscene, pornographic, indecent, indecent, abusive, abusive, blasphemous, racist, discriminatory, offensive, Threatening, immoral, disturbing, hateful or reprehensible;
  • Not to provide or post links to any messages containing defamatory, libelous, false or defamatory materials;
  • Not to post any messages that infringe or infringe any intellectual property rights or other rights of any legal or natural person, including (but not limited to), copyrights, patents, trademarks, laws, Regulating trade secrets, privacy rights or public lighting;
  • Not to post any messages for which you do not have rights under the law or contractual, or property relationships of a fiduciary nature;
  • Not to impersonate another natural or legal person or to disclose false information, or otherwise distort their relationship with a natural or legal person, or not to accept a false identity to mislead or deceive anyone;
  • Not to use the site in a manner that may harm, disable, overload, damage or otherwise prevent the use of the site or the computer equipment of other users, or cause damage, stop or restrict Functionality of any software, hardware or telecommunications equipment;
  • Not to attempt to gain unauthorized access to the site, any linked sites, other accounts, computer systems or networks connected to the site through hacker actions, password collections, or any other means;
  • Not to receive or attempt to obtain in any way any material or information that is intentionally restricted by the site, including the retrieval of information (harvesting) or other means of gathering information about other persons, such as e-mail addresses;
  • Not to engage in any deceptive actions aimed at manipulating the results page of the organic search engine (SERP) or not to use Search engine optimization (SEO) technologies that violate the general rules of the search engines. Considered unethical SEO technologies, (or “spamming, spamming”) include (but are not limited to) hiding, meta tags and headers, extract content, schemes of overfishing, search bombs, oversaturation keywords, invisible text and Links, false and hidden pages, generator links or diagrams, as well as spam in blog comments, etc.; Or
  • Do nothing else that could harm the site, the Unipage group of companies and its employees, the reputation of unipage, or otherwise have a negative impact.

By registering on the site, you confirm and warrant that you do not fall under any international sanctions program.

Rights to User content. Reviews

By submitting an application, you agree to receive an invitation by e-mail. Mail, fill out our student feedback form, which we will send to you after your studies at the university, the end of the course or the completion of the admission process. Filling out a questionnaire is optional. Reviews left by students can be uploaded to the information page of the relevant university on the site for the sole purpose of sharing their opinions with prospective students about the university level and the quality of teaching.

By posting your review, you provide Unipage with a full, perpetual, royalty-free, irrevocable and transferable right to all hosted user content, including your name. The company Unipage reserves the right to translate, edit, correct, reject or delete reviews at its sole discretion.

You confirm. That you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of feedback. In addition, you certify and warrant that

  • You own and control all rights to user content that you post or distribute in another way, or, otherwise, you have the legal right to place and distribute such User content on the site or Through it;
  • Such content is credible is not misleading; And
  • The use and posting or transfer of such content does not violate the terms of use or any applicable law, nor does it infringe any rights or harm any person or entity.

Further, you also grant unipage the right to prosecute any natural or legal person who has violated your rights or the rights of unipage in the context of a violation of the terms of use. You agree to be solely responsible for any user content that you provide or post.

Content posted by users is not confidential and Unipage has no obligation to treat such content as confidential information. Without limiting the foregoing, Unipage reserves the right to use the content at its sole discretion, including, but not limited to, deleting, editing, modifying, rejecting or denying the content. Unipage is not obligated to provide you with any refund for the content you post or the ability to edit, delete or otherwise modify the content after it has been transferred to Unipage.

If you add or edit the content of the site, you or a representative of the university do not become a co-author and waive any copyright in the future.

If it is found that you retain the moral rights of the author (including the right of attribution or the right to inviolability of author’s work) on the content, you hereby declare that

  • You do not require the use of personally identifiable information in connection with content, derivative works, or content updates;
  • You do not object to the publication, alteration, deletion or use of the content by unipage or its licensees, heirs or successors;
  • You permanently waive your rights and agree not to claim or assert your author’s moral rights to any part of the content; And
  • Permanently exempt the company Unipage, its licensees, heirs and successors from any claims that you might otherwise have presented to unipage on the basis of such moral rights.

Intellectual property Rights-trademark designation

Unipage is a protected trademark of unipage and/or its affiliated companies in many countries of the world. Other trademarks and product names listed on the site may be names, trademarks, trademarks, service marks, logos, symbols or other signs of ownership of Unipage, its licensee, affiliated Company or a third party. Use of any name, trademark, trademark, service mark, logo, symbol or other feature of affiliation with a third party on the site, and availability of specific goods or services of such third party on the site shall not be construed as endorsement or support by the site of any such third party, or as the participation of such third party in the offer of goods, services or information on the site. The company Unipage owns the copyrights to the site. You may not use the intellectual property of unipage company without our consent.

The site contains copyrighted materials, trade names and other proprietary information, including, but not limited to, text, software, photographs, graphic material, and may in future include Video, graphics, music and sound. All content of the site is protected by copyright law. We or our licensees own the copyrights and/or rights to the databases in relation to the selection, coordination, organization and improvement of such content, as well as its original content. You may not modify, publish, transfer, participate in the transfer or sale, create derivative works, or otherwise use any part of the content in whole or in part, except as listed in the terms of use.